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Watching #SearchingforItaly for Italy on a Saturday morning will have you craving pasta at 8am.

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DONT watch #SearchingforItaly if you are hungry.. OMG 😫🤦🏼‍♀️

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Granted, I haven’t gotten to the casu martzu episode yet, but thoroughly enjoying #SearchingforItaly, and putting together quite the grocery list.

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FOUR PASTAS from Stanley Tucci Searching for Italy | Cacio e Pepe, Grici... via @YouTube #searchingforitaly #stanleytucci #roma

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Great memory back in Lampedusa: had a talk with Stanley Tucci on refugees & asylum seekers ordeal through Africa & Mediterranean.

While filming #SearchingForItaly w/⁦@CNNTravel⁩ he didn’t forget about refugees plight.

Such a gentleman & great ⁦@Refugees⁩ ambassador.

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FOUR PASTAS from Stanley Tucci Searching for Italy | Cacio e Pepe, Grici... via @YouTube #searchingforitaly #roma #comfortfood #cooking #pasta

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Me suddenly thinking that I can speak Italian after watching #SearchingforItaly.

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Nostalgia dell’Italia al suo massimo grado

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I'm sure everyone is as excited as I am that we'll be seeing Stanley Tucci make an encore in season two of #searchingforitaly. Just wish we didn't have to wait another year!!!! Thanks @CNN!

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I was today’s years old when I learned that mozzarella comes from buffalo milk and San Marzano tomatoes in cans aren’t really from San Marzano. Thanks, Stanley Tucci! #searchingforitaly 🍅🥫🇮🇹

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@CNN Are you seeing this?!
Sebastian Stan Wants To Do A Food Travel Show Wit…:

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Learn how to make the 4 Roman pastas featured in #searchingforitaly #homecooking #pastas #romanpasta #recipes #carbonara #italianfood

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"La serie di #stanleytucci ha avuto successo". Eh grazie, se parli del cibo più buono del mondo (anche se in modo approssimativo)... #SearchingforItaly

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Big Night is a great movie. A precursor to Stanley Tucci's #SearchingforItaly

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For one of her courses, my daughter had to watch Big Night. I hyped it quite a bit, and I'm pleased to say it surpassed my sales pitch. What a great movie!

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Stanley Tucci and @CNN: might you consider a food/meal kit delivery service to go along with your show. 🤗 #SearchingforItaly

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Pasta a la Pomarola, a simple pantry-staple tomato sauce that's so good! #vegan #italian #searchingforitaly #saltfatacidheat

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“Because I believe the two things (food and politics) are connected. Hospitality can also be a political choice.” 🔥

“Conviviality can be a vehicle for social change. After all, most revolutions begin around a table.” 🔥

~Stanley Tucci

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#loschulos #tvshow #legendastv #series #tvseries #movies #SearchingforItaly

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Leggo ora questo pezzo di #LorenzaPieri su #DomaniGiornale sulla serie #SearchingforItaly di Tucci. Bellissimo e vero.

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Watching Stanley Tucci’s #SearchingforItaly on CNN was a treat. All the presented food and the places truly fuels my desire for an Italian adventure.

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'Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy': What's on the menu. #StanleyTucchi’s #SearchingForItaly is a smash hit yet there are only six regional episodes? Stanley clearly states at the beginning he is going to explore 20 regions. Where are the other 14 #CNN?

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Hey @StanleyTucci14 loved #SearchingforItaly perhaps you should come visit us here in Alberta, where you can come into one of our stores, come- #stepintoitaly (while in Canada) thank you for such an amazing show. Our team & customers are your biggest fans❤️

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Thanks to Stanley Tucci and #SearchingforItaly I will never pronounce 'terrible' the English way again.

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GRAZIE #StanelyTucci CNN series #SearchingforItaly. #catholicteachers #Aprilbreak #staycation #MentalHealthMatters #relaxation #TuttiaTavolaaMangiare 🇮🇹🍷🍝🥖🏡

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#SearchingforItaly is exactly the antidote White-washed America needs.

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I had the best steamed clams & Caprese I’ve ever tasted in Sorrento, Italy. So when I saw the commercial for #SearchingforItaly I had to watch. After the 1st episode: 🇮🇹 food tour on the bucket list. Thx for sharing the deliciousness #stanleytucci
💚🤍❤️ 🧀🍷🥖

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Anyone else miss #SearchingforItaly on Sunday?

#Italy #Cnn #StanleyTucci #Foodies #Gastronomia #SundayThoughts

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FACT: Stanley Tucci and #SearchingForItaly will singlehandedly save the Italian tourism industry and economy. @CNNBusiness @CNNFilms

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#SearchingforItaly was looking forward to watching you tonight. Please bring the series back!!!

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Yes my soccer team sucks but then I made homemade pizza while watching Stanley Tucci’s #SearchingforItaly and you know what, life is alright

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I’m watching #SearchingforItaly and it’s seriously making me emotional. I cannot wait to travel internationally again.

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@MvTagliarino did u watch Stanley Tucci's #SearchingforItaly ? I'm imagining ur parents would have fit right in on that show :)

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@CNN please make more episodes of #SearchingforItaly immediately!! It is the best!!

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Stanley Tucci’s #SearchingforItaly is likely one of the best hosted food shows I’ve ever seen. I love the storytelling, I love that he speaks Italian. It’s calming and also just pure joy to watch. More please @CNNOriginals

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“Warning. Irresponsible amounts of butter were used in the making of this program” 🤣💕🧈🍝
#StanleyTucci #SearchingForItaly #Milan

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