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#askhunter do you have a favorite Hunter Pence baseball card? I personally I like this one a lot. Greetings from Germany.

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@JoeBiden you’re the “national embarrassment” no one’s buying guns “legally” without a background check. We have laws against murder and drugs so another law isn’t going to change anything for the criminals. #AskHunter

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Or is it Feng-Feng..... #AskHunter

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NEW Baseball Barista episode just dropped ⬇️

Leave your #AskHunter question for next week’s episode! @GrantBrisbee

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@GrantBrisbee oh! also, which stadium has the best visitor's clubhouse? #askhunter

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@GrantBrisbee who is the chattiest/most entertaining catcher to talk to at the plate? first base? #askhunter

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@GrantBrisbee Does he know anyone that used Channel 4 on their NES? If so, are they dead, or are they in prison? #askhunter

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#askhunter If you could play for any team today (at your physical prime), which team would you pick? Bonus: someone besides the giants

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@GrantBrisbee #askhunter What do the methane lakes on the surface of Titan taste like?

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@GrantBrisbee Would he consider running a youth baseball camp? He would be great at it. My son has attended BCraw’s camp a few times. #askhunter

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Also, it's time to start up a new segment: #askhunter

Go on, ask the dude a question. Favorite cuisine? Favorite visiting ballpark to play in? Favorite NES or SNES game? Weirdest teammate? He might answer on next week's show.

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@atensnut More like a crack whore stripper is obviously what the radicals are going for. #askHunter

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#AskHunter gets a corruption pass like daddy!

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Try to imagine what would happen if these were photos of Don Jr. or Eric Trump.

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@jimmykimmel #AskHunter 1.Illegal Gun Charges, 2.Multiple confirmed photos, videos illegal porn 3.drug charges. 4. laptop

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@POTUS Does Carpet parmesan Count as a vaccine? Asking for a friend... I heard the ingredients were quite similar. #AskHunter

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The most depressing morbid potus I have ever seen. Go away pedo Joe. Gross! #BidenAdministration #ImpeachBiden #AskHunter #BidenBorderCrisis #BidenNotMyPresident 👿

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Hunter Biden Says He Smoked Parmesan Cheese, Mistaking it For Crack

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Did you see where he came from..
#AskHunter #Corruption

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Hunter’s not the sharpest tool in the tool box. I guess there are a lot of laptops out there with his personal emails and pictures, some might be his and some might not be. Right!! Come on, man!! 👇🏻

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Skipped over .. like #AskHunter

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George Floyd’s girlfriend testifying that they were both drug addicts who purchased drugs on the day that he died has got me thinking that a lot of people owe me an apology for being upset that I told the truth a year ago.

His toxicology report confirms she’s telling the truth.

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Republican Senators Demand Biden Admin Share Intelligence About Hunter’s Shady Foreign Business Dealings

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QQQ's: Is @JoeBiden lying? Did he read the law or was he briefed and went with the brief / lie?

The Washington Post Gives Biden "Four Pinocchios" For Statement on New Georgia #Election Law

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Trust me on this @JoeBiden…whoever is telling you that @GOP voters support you is lying their ass off…as sure as #CornPop was a "bad dude", that is a one horse pony soldier lie…
IMO you're a befuddled old man, past expiration date, who is no stranger to corruption #AskHunter

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REPORT: Hunter Biden’s Bizarre 2018 INCIDENT with Handgun, Secret Service...


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But the #BidenCrimeFamilly has already cashed those checks. #AskHunter #WheresHunte

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Reporter: President Trump donated his salary back to the government. Will @JoeBiden consider donating a portion of his salary back to the government.

PSAKI: “I’m happy to talk to him about that”

The answer to that is NO Biden doesn’t love America like President Trump does.

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Fancy starting an #AskHunter going!?....


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@GreaterGeorgia #NeverForget #Traitor #Trumpwon #TrumpisbestPresidentever #stealwasreal #AmericaFirst #BidenRemorse #BidenLied #Bidenisacriminal #ImpeachBidenNow #Georgiafraud #ForensicAudit #ChinaJoe #ArrestBiden #askhunter #Bidenlaptop #DominionVotingSystems #Rigged #ElectionIntegrity #CCP

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